How to Wrap Hands for MMA Training & Competition

How to wrap hands for MMA training:

We've tried out our fair share of guides on how to wrap hands for MMA and Boxing training over the years. 

Whether you're doing hard heavy bag training or light sparring, wrapping your hands is a no brainer. It helps prevent injuries and joint problems with your hands in later life.

More about the benefits later. Lets jump straight into the first guide, its from but is equally suitable for MMA training. It offers great wrist support and fits nicely into an MMA glove

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I think this is the best video on the subject, it shows how to wrap hands for MMA training using the method we prefer. It is also from the 1st person POV making it very easy to follow:

1) Starting position - Palm Down, wrap 3 x around wrist

How to Wrap Hands For MMA 1
How to wrap hands for mma 2

Next, wrap three times around the wrist. Avoid going too far up the forearm or the wraps will become loose once you start to train.

2) 3 x around palm, then up between pinky & ring finger

How to wrap hands for mma 3
How to wrap hands for mma 4

3) Wrap across palm then across back of hand

How to wrap hands for mma 5
How to wrap hands for mma 6

4) Come back across bottom of wrist & repeat for ring / middle then middle / fore fingers 

How to wrap hands for mma 7
How to wrap hands for mma 8

5) Wrap around base of thumb and come across back of hand 

How to wrap hands for mma 9
How to wrap hands for mma 10

This is optional, some people prefer to leave the thumb un-wrapped. Personally I like to wrap it, I've tweaked my thumb numerous times when punching through someones guard.

6) Face palm up, come behind Thumb and across palm

How to wrap hands for mma 11
How to wrap hands for mma 12

7) Palm down, wrap around knuckles 3 times

How to wrap hands for mma 13
How to wrap hands for mma 14

When you wrap around the knuckles, keep your fingers splayed slightly apart to leave space for when you clench your fist. Otherwise your wrap will be too tight around your hand.

8) Come across palm around wrist once, then across back of hand:

How to wrap hands for mma 15
How to wrap hands for mma 16

9) Wrap the knuckles again, then across the back of the hand starting from pinky side - this forms an "X" across back of your hand:

How to wrap hands for mma 18
How to wrap hands for mma 19

10) Wrap wrist once and repeat the "X" starting at step 8) again until Wrap runs down. Wrap once around wrist and secure to finish...that's a wrap!

If you don't have wraps with velcro fastenings, then some simple tape around the wrist will do to finish the wrap.

How to wrap hands for MMA - Quick & Easy

If you're looking for a simpler method to wrap your hands for MA that still offers great protection, check out this video by Duane Ludwig:

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How to Wrap Hands for MMA Gloves?

You can use either of the above wraps under MMA gloves. Some boxing hand wrap methods involve creating an extra pad across the knuckles. This isnt suitable for MMA training as the pad gets in the way of the single fingered design of most MMA gloves.

If you intend to wrap your hands whenever using MMA gloves (and you definitely should!). Make sure you include an allowance for the thickness of your hand wraps when choosing MMA gloves. You can read our guide on this subject here

Why do Boxers and MMA fighters wrap their hands?

Boxers and MMA fighters wrap their hands to prevent injury. Hand wraps provide the following benefits:

  • Wrist Support. The single most important reason to wrap your hands. You wraps should keep your hands nicely aligned with your forearm. This ensures the impacts from your punches are absorbed safely down the full chain from your knuckles to your shoulder. Not into the wrist joint itself. Put simply, if you hit something with a bent wrist you'll get injured. Wearing wraps help prevent this.
  • Thumb support. Supporting the base of the thumb with a wrap can help to prevent sprains to this joint.
  • Protect the Metacarpals. The small bones that make up your hand can be easily fractured. Particularly if a hard punch connects with an opponents elbow or any other hard part of the body. Wrapping your hands helps protect against this injury.
  • Knuckle Padding. Although your gloves should provide ample padding to protect your knuckles. Wraps help to supplement this. The also stop your gloves scraping or rubbing across your knuckles.